Randy Saunders

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By the time Randy was getting ready to graduate from high school, he had already had two major knee surgeries. The cause for his injury was very common: football and baseball. Orthopedic surgeons were able to reconstruct the knee and tendons both times, but he was not as lucky the third time.

“I was doing a martial arts demonstration for my 5 and 6 year old karate students. It was the simplest of kicks, and then I had so much pain that I fell down on my knees,” Randy recalls. “This time, doctors could only reconstruct the tendons in my knee because there’re was donated tissue available.” His recovery from knee surgery was immediate, he was back to walking within days.

“This surgery may not have saved my life, but it certainly gave me the opportunity to continue teaching the martial arts. I am thankful to the individual and family who made the decision to donate tissue.”