Tissue Recipient and Living Donor Joins for Connect to Purpose

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Donovan Degalau has traveled many paths to be able to honor his dad and now his son by telling his story.

We had the distinct pleasure to hear from Donovan Degalau recently at our All-Staff monthly meeting. He doesn’t think of himself as a super hero, but we sure do!

Sixteen years ago, Donovan Degelau was playing rec-league volleyball when he went up for a play, came down one way and his knee went the other way.  A torn ACL provided an opportunity to receive a donor ligament that enhanced his life.  But he didn’t even realize it, he just knew he was able to get back to an active lifestyle by pursuing his passion for cycling.

It’s because of this that Donovan started cycling even more, understanding that his life enhancing gift allows him, “to honor my dad, and the process of donation.”  Recently the entire cyclical process helped him realize that because of a donated tissue ligament that he received over 16 years ago he’s a superhero to both his dad and son (though he’d shy away from that comparison).

Learn more about Donovan here.