Randy Saunders

By the time Randy was getting ready to graduate from high school, he had already had two major knee surgeries. The cause for his injury was very common: football and baseball. Orthopedic surgeons were able to reconstruct the knee and tendons both times, but he was not as lucky the third time. “I was doing

Erin Billingsby

Erin Billingsby, Tendon Recipient Becoming injured can be very traumatic, especially for an athlete. Unfortunately, I learned first handed how devastating it could be. Soccer has always a major part of my life since my first game at the age of 8. From there my dad and I logged thousands of hours going to practices,

Catalina Aguinaga

Catalina “Cat” Aguinaga of Sacramento loves her job with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office as a Restitution Assistant. Cat helps victims of all misdemeanor crimes by giving them information regarding the losses they have suffered. Her office is also involved in the U.S. Health and Human Services’ donor awareness initiative, Workplace Program for Life.

Carrie Shellhammer

Double lung transplant recipient Carrie Shellhammer went from planning her funeral, to planning her wedding, thanks to the gift of life. The 31-year-old married Zachary Chown on the shores of Lake Tahoe. It was a day of real joy and talk of miracles. That’s because just five years before, when she was dying in the

Bob Jennings

By day, heart and kidney transplant recipient Bob Jennings plays a full time financial consultant in Sacramento– and in fact has been in the financial planning business for more than 30 years. But, it’s the grandfather role he cherishes the most. And so, every Christmas this past president of the East Sacramento Rotary, becomes Santa

Blake Levi

It is the end of May and our family has survived another anniversary of a very tragic day and time in our lives.  On May 12th, 1999, my sons were involved in a car accident in Soddy Daisy, TN, in which they were both severely injured.  They were on their way to a high school