Facts About Allografts

  • Allografts are tissues that are taken from one person and transplanted into another. Treatment incorporating allograft tissue can help reduce pain, restore mobility and may allow patients to regain the normal functions of daily living that were compromised as a result of injury or disease.
  • Allografts have a long history of safety and efficacy in almost all surgical specialties – orthopedic, spine, sports medicine, cardiac, dental, reconstructive and several other surgeries
  • Allograft is the preferred option relative to metal, synthetic or xenografts in some of the surgical procedures such as early correction of congenital heart deformations
  • Allograft usage has been increasing rapidly over the last several years. Approximately 875,000 allografts were implanted in 2001. That number has grown to more than 2.5 million by 2008
  • A single donor can impact the lives of more than a hundred tissue recipients.
  • Allografts transform the quality of life of millions of recipients because of the generosity of more than 30,000 tissue donors annually.