­­­­Connecting Lives

DCI Donor Services (DCIDS) family of companies includes DCIDS Tissue Bank and organ procurement organizations in the states of Tennessee, California, and New Mexico. It is a company with dedicated professionals who share a common national cause advanced with a distinct and diverse local voice. Our mission is realized by mobilizing the power of people and the potential of technology to extend the reach of each donor’s gift. We measure our performance by the impact we have on peoples’ lives; the donors and families who make transplantation possible; and the patients whose lives are saved and enriched by their gifts.

DCI Donor Services has been an integral part of our communities for nearly four decades. Our unique approach to service allows for nationwide distribution of tissues while maintaining close ties to our local communities.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Processing of donor tissue following stringent safety guidelines, quality standards, and good manufacturing practices prescribed by federal and state regulatory agencies and industry governing bodies
  • Distribution of allograft products used in general orthopedic, spine, and sports medicine, dental surgical procedures, and those used in burn and wound management
  • DCIDS Tissue Bank strives to be the preferred provider of allograft products in the communities from where donor tissue is recovered. We are driven by a team of professionals who are passionate about assuring that quality allografts are delivered on time to meet surgical needs and improve the lives of patients.

Community service always has been the cornerstone of DCI Donor Services. We are in a unique position as both stewards of the gifts so generously shared by donors and their families and as providers of the resulting medical therapies that enhance the lives of so many.

Dr. Keith Johnson – Founder, DCIDS